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OptionsFlux monitors options trades and options flow with specific scanning criteria considering volume, type of trade, volatility and several custom scans specifically designed for options traders giving all main Options Flow on the market and offering endless trading ideas.

who we are?

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OptionsFlux is an options analysis platform, a leading provider of Real-Time and historical data solutions that help traders visualize options market flow in a more precise and calculated way so that every trade fits the unique criteria of each individual trader. OptionsFlux simplifies the complex world of options trading and eliminates all the unnecessary "market noise" that can cloud valuable information"

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Our CEO, Mr. António Figueiredo says: "We have more than 3,500 optionable stocks in the US markets and its very difficult sometimes to know what the potential "best trade" is. With OptionsFlux we are able to monitor in real-time what the "Big Money" is doing so we can also adjust our portfolios according to the "bullish" or "bearish" flow we are seeing, giving real context to every trader decision"

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OptionsFlux offer historical data, volatility history, all main options flow and a simple dashboard designed specifically for options traders. Different plans are available according every options trader requirements.
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